Nissan tung ra 5 bản thu âm giả tiếng động cơ cho trẻ em dễ ngủ

With the ability to operate almost without noise,  electric cars  seem to be the thing that helps young boys and girls easily fall  asleep  in the car. But actually not, according to Nissan’s research team, more than half of British parents polled said their children refused to sleep, and the final solution was to put them in the car, start the engine for a walk. a lap to help your child fall asleep.

The reason is,  “the internal combustion engine produces sound with a frequency that combines white, pink and brown noise, creating a sound space that is really pleasant and gentle for children,” Nissan’s director of noise and vibration research, Paul Speed-Andrews, said. Electric vehicles do not have internal combustion engines, do not produce sound frequencies that allow children to fall asleep in just a few minutes. As a result, Nissan teamed up with sleep expert Tom Middleton to create five recordings that simulate the steady sound of a car engine, which in theory could help parents help their babies sleep more easily. , even while sitting in an electric car. White noise and brown noise themselves have also been shown to help calm the mind, sleep better or focus on work.


According to Nissan, parents who have to resort to the method of putting their children in the car and driving around so that the babies can sleep normally take an average of 20 to 25 minutes, traveling a distance of about 8km each time, equivalent to 70kg. CO2 emissions per year. Nissan wants to use electric cars to be beneficial to the environment, but parents can still do the same.

Currently, this album called “Dream Drive Lullaby” is available on Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify and many other services, aggregate the link  here , but I still haven’t heard it (maybe because I don’t have a Nissan?) You can listen to this album on Soundcloud and try it out with your kids at home  here .

According to  TheNextWeb

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